Cosmetic Periodontal Procedures

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Periodontal procedures are available to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Whether to restore a youthful appearance or uncover the beauty within, we are helping our patients smile with confidence.

Short Teeth Long Teeth Lacking Bone Support Thin/Transparent Gums

Short Teeth

Although your teeth appear short, they may actually be the proper length but covered with too much gum tissue. Alternatively, they may simply be too short or worn down and need lengthening. Either way, we can correct this with a cosmetic procedure called crown lengthening. Excess gum and bone tissue are reshaped to create natural, well proportioned teeth. This can be done to more than one tooth or to even out your gum line, in order to create aesthetic harmony and achieve a beautiful smile.

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Long Teeth

In contrast to short teeth, long teeth can also be unsightly. Soft tissue grafting is used to cover unattractive tooth roots, to reduce gum recession. Soft tissue grafting can also protect the roots from decay that would normally lead to eventual tooth loss.

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Lacking Bone Support

Without a tooth to stimulate growth the gums and bones that normally support our teeth will recede, leading to an unnatural looking indentation in the face and creating the appearance of aging. Even with a bridge or denture, the original look of your mouth may not be recaptured because of the spaces remaining under and between replacement teeth. Cosmetic Bone grafting builds and retains the full support and appearance of the jaws, restoring the teeth to a more youthful appearance.

Bone grafting can also prevent or greatly reduce the bone and soft tissue loss that normally occurs with tooth removal. There is less shrinkage and so a more aesthetic and natural looking tooth replacement can be achieved.

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Thin/Transparent Gums

For genetic reasons, some people have insufficient or thin/transparent tissue, so thin you can see the white of the bone underneath, or even an unsightly grey shadow of a discoloured root or existing implant. This tissue has yet to advance to recession. To get ahead of the game, before the yellow ugly roots happen, we can minimize tissue loss by providing the type and thickness of gums nature was supposed to give you.

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Global Speaking Engagements and the Caudry Education Centre

Over the past 20 years Dr. Caudry has travelled the world imparting her knowledge, research, and technical skills to other Dental professionals.

Today Dr. Caudry carries on the tradition of using her exceptionally high level of education and surgical skills to the benefit of her patients while sharing those skills and experiences with her colleagues so they too can provide her knowledge and techniques to their patients.

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