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Dr. Suzanne Caudry has demonstrated drive and a pursuit for excellence throughout her career. She is not only a skilled clinician, but also highly educated and celebrated for her achievements and contributions to science.

Academics Professional Work


The core of Dr. Caudry’s success is attributable to her extensive experience. The foundation was laid by the completion of her PhD in Microbiology at La Trobe University, Australia. Dr. Caudry subsequently pursued her Doctorate of Dental Surgery at McGill University in Montreal, and then specialized in Periodontics at the University of Toronto, while completing a MSc. Throughout her education Dr. Caudry received a number of awards and has continued to receive professional recognition throughout her career.

Professional Work

Dr. Caudry is a certified periodontist in Canada. The scope of her practice includes dental implantology, the non-surgical and surgical treatment of periodontal diseases, periodontal tissue regeneration and periodontal soft tissue grafting. She has extensive experience in the surgical placement of dental implants, including immediate implants and computer guided implant surgery, hard tissue grafting (including guided bone regeneration and maxillary sinus augmentation), complicated extractions, and soft tissue grafting.

In addition to her private practice, Dr. Caudry is actively involved in education through teaching and her involvement in several professional associations. Dr. Caudry runs regular Study Clubs for dentists practising in the Greater Toronto Area who are interested in expanding their knowledge base in periodontics and implant dentistry. Dr. Caudry is a clinical instructor in the periodontal department at the University of Toronto where she teaches implant surgery, bone reconstruction, and cosmetic periodontal surgery to students in the graduate department of Periodontics. Furthermore, Dr. Caudry is actively involved in dental research, as well as lecturing at national and international dental meetings.

As a clinician and an academic, Dr. Caudry's exceptional practice is realized because her extensive clinical experience is paired with her involvement in research. She is up to date in the most current science and technology in Periodontics and implant dentistry

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The goal of our practice is to provide exceptional treatment, incorporating vast clinical experience with current scientific research.

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