Dental Sedation in Toronto

The pain and discomfort commonly associated with a visit to the dentist keep many people from passing by their dentist for a much-needed visit. Here at the facilities of the esteemed Dr. Suzanne Caudry, Ph.D., DDS, MSc, we make sure your experience with us is as comfortable, accommodating, and painless as possible.

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For Those Who Suffer from Dental Anxiety

If you are someone who feels extremely anxious after walking into the dental office, you are not alone. Many people suffer from dental anxiety that they refrain from ever sitting in the dentist's chair at all. The thought of being subjected to invasive oral procedures makes their skin crawl, or the possibility of discomfort scares them. The irony, however, is that they might only be inviting more discomfort into their lives by neglecting to care for their teeth and gums.

To best ensure the comfort of our many patients, we at Dr. Suzanne Caudry's office offer a variety of sedation options. Thanks to our careful consideration of your overall experience, you are sure to feel comfortable from the moment you walk through our door and onward.

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Sedation Dentistry Courtesy of Toronto's Finest Periodontists

While our wide range of sedation options help to ensure your experience is comfortable and relaxing, our facility, staff, and past clinical experience are what sets us apart from our contemporaries.

The caliber of care we provide is attributed to the extensive and ongoing experience of Dr. Caudry. With a Ph.D. in Microbiology from La Trobe University, a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from McGill University, and an MSc and specialization in Periodontics from the University of Toronto. Dr. Caudry remains actively involved in research and education and presents her findings at conferences all over the world while continuing her private practice.

Dental Anesthesia Administered by Professional Anesthetists and Trained Dental Nurses

The professionalism of our doctors and staff is unmatched in the Toronto area. When it comes to administering anesthesia, we have medical specialists from Humber River Hospital at your service, and trained dental nurses, as well.

Your Oral Sedation Options

Whether you are only looking for the 'barely aware - don't care' state of sedation, or complete sedation that allows you to slip into sleep gently, we can help you.

The Benefits of Oral Sedation Dentistry

With the help of dental sedation, your anxieties and fears are taken care of, which means that longer or multiple procedures can be performed during one single appointment.

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COVID-19 Safety Measures:

The health of our patients is our top priority. That being said, we have gone above and beyond the recommended guidelines to ensure the safety of all our patients as well as team members.

With everyone’s wellbeing in mind, here are some of the COVID-19 safety measures we have put into place:

The reason we have set the bar so high is simply for your protection. We have built a welcoming and safe environment to ensure you feel comfortable while visiting our office.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this time.

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