Single Tooth Dental Implant

A natural replacement for a single tooth.

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Dental implants are a tried and true way of permanently replacing a missing tooth. This solution looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

Treatment Alternatives
  • An Immediately Functioning Tooth
  • An Excellent Aesthetic Result
  • A Life Long and Stable Solution


The traditional procedure normally includes about four visits to the periodontist; however these visits may be reduced in cases such as immediate implants, and with the incorporation of all digital dentistry. The specific course of treatment varies from one patient to the next depending on your particular case. Your specific condition and plan will be discussed at your first visit.

1) First visit

An examination with one or more x-rays of the area is done to prepare for the procedure.

First Visit picture

2) Implant Surgery

The site is anaesthetized and an implant is placed into the bone. In cases where a tooth is extracted, an immediate implant may be place. A temporary tooth is provided that restores the look of your smile. The bone is allowed a few months to heal and integrate with the implant before a permanent crown. This healing takes from 2-4 months. You will visit the Periodontist twice after surgery.

Implant picture

3) Attaching the New Crown

Typically, once the bone has healed around the implant a permanent ceramic tooth is screwed upon it. This stage of the process is typically carried out by your dentist.

New Crown picture

4) Final Result

You should expect the new tooth to feel and function just like a natural tooth. You must maintain your specialized dental hygiene routine to keep the surrounding gums clean and healthy.

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Alternatives to Dental Implants to replace single missing teeth.

Tooth-supported fixed bridge

A traditional bridge involves massive removal of the tooth structure of adjacent teeth to support the bridge. It provides good function but compromises the teeth used as support. Also, bridges often need to be replaced possibly several times during your lifetime. In addition, there can be continuous bone degradation in the area of a missing tooth, due to missing roots, which normally stimulate bone growth. Bone degradation leads to in a sunken-in appearance of your face, making you look older.

Fixed Bridge picture
Partial picture

Removable partial denture

A removable partial denture is another alternative to replacing a lost tooth. It is the least comfortable because it is unattached and becomes progressively unstable over time. Partial dentures affect your ability to chew and speak; they can come loose, and can be uncomfortable.

While a removable partial denture is the least expensive option, this alternative doesn’t create the same aesthetic result as an implant supported ceramic crown. Also, it ultimately contributes to the loss of the remaining supporting teeth because they take on all the chewing forces that used to be distributed across more teeth. Plus the remaining teeth need to support the denture with clasps (hooks).

Resin-bonded Bridge

A resin bonded bridge is quickly placed, functions well, and can give a high aesthetic result however these treatments have a high track record of de-bonding (i.e. they fall out), and so they need to be re-cemented on a regular basis. This leaves you without any confidence in the stability of your replacement tooth.

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