Dental Implant Planning in Mississauga

There are many reasons why you might be curious about dental implants. Some people get dental implants to replace a decaying tooth and ward off gum disease. Others, meanwhile, seek out dental implant specialists because they want to preserve oral health by filling in the blank spots of their smile.

Whatever the reasons, there is only one clinic in the Mississauga area people trust-and that's ours.

As one of the foremost specialists in Canada-and the first to integrate digital workflows into their practice-Dr. Suzanne Caudry, Ph.D., DDS, MSc, has changed the lives of countless patients. Book your first visit by contacting our staff at (416) 928-3444. We can't wait to hear from you.

Dental Implants Will Restore Your Smile to Its Former Glory

Here, we believe everyone can have a beautiful smile. Some people, however, might feel embarrassed by their smile because of damaged or missing teeth. Though people might have had to go through their days with missing teeth in the past, that is no longer the case. With the help of cutting-edge technology and careful planning, we can restore your smile to its former glory.

When your smile has gotten in the way of your confidence or a missing tooth has compromised your oral health, we invite you to contact Dr. Caudry's practice. Combining immense clinical experience with the latest developments in scientific research, our many patients receive the best care possible.

Are you eager to learn more about periodontal procedures? Are you unsure whether or not you qualify for these cutting-edge treatments? Are you eager to do away with your long-held anxieties about the dentist's chair? Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. You'll have our undivided attention from the first phone call to the final stages of the implant procedure.

One of The Nation's Leading Experts on Dental Implant Surgery

It is no secret that Dr. Caudry's facilities rank among the finest in the Mississauga and Greater Toronto Area. Our notoriety extends further than that, though. Over the years, Dr. Caudry has gained international recognition. She has spoken at conferences throughout the world, and through her ongoing research, made great strides in the world of periodontics. These advancements have not just been for the benefit of her own practice, but for the benefit of all clinicians in the world.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies, enabling us to provide you with impeccable care. Even our atmosphere puts clients at ease. With comfortable waiting areas, friendly staff, and fully customizable treatment options, our practice is truly in a league of its own.

It isn't just our facilities and sophisticated equipment that sets us apart from our professional peers. One of our practice's most valuable assets lies in the expertise and professional oversight of Dr. Suzanne Caudry. Our present-day clinic owes much to the past and ongoing experience of Dr. Caudry. For more than two decades, Dr. Caudry has been one of Canada's leading dental implant specialists. With both a Ph.D. in Microbiology and a Doctorate in Dental Surgery, Dr. Caudry is actively involved in ongoing dental research and teaching. Her findings are presented regularly at conferences around the world in an effort to advance the field of periodontics for the benefit of patients and clinicians alike.

Lifelong Learners, Lifelong Mentors

With each year, we introduce new ways to improve the overall patient experience. We remain at the forefront because we are continually researching and learning new methods and approaches to implantology. Dr. Caudry and her team are lifelong learners, and our countless patients reap the benefits of the findings we uncover.

What's more, Dr. Caudry is an instructor at the University of Toronto, where she teaches graduate students in the periodontal and endodontic specialty program. In these labs and classrooms, she helps to mold the bright young minds of the future. With her help, the next generation of practitioners will innovate and lead the way. Rest assured, when you're in our care, you're in the hands of one of the nation's leading experts in dental implant surgery.

What Sets Us Apart: Computer-Guided Dental Implant Surgery

There are many things that set our practice apart from those of our professional peers. From the unrivaled qualifications of Dr. Caudry to the unbelievable dedication of our staff, we truly offer our patients the full-spectrum oral care they rightly deserve. Through offering computer-guided dental implant surgery, we've taken our facility to new, patient-centered heights.

When the time comes to prepare for your dental implant surgery, we do more than just hand you a brochure and schedule for your next appointment. We plan your surgery from start to finish and also invite you to observe the entire planning process. We do this through computer-guided processes. With computer-guided software, surgical processes go smoothly, and implants are placed with greater speed and accuracy.

While many may be unfamiliar with this approach to implant surgery, we are no stranger to it ourselves. Dr. Caudry holds the great distinction of being one of the first surgeons in North America to be trained in computer-guided surgery. With the use of 3D intraoral scanners, CBCT scans, we can plan the tooth replacement procedure from start to finish-with precision!

When it comes to digital dental implant planning, put your trust in us. With our intraoral scanners and patient-centered approach to oral care, you'll get the results-and the treatment-you deserve. Call our facilities today.

Digital Implantology and Its Many Benefits

Digital implantology does more than simplify surgical processes for the benefit of oral surgeons. These procedures, like every advancement we embrace, benefit the patient equally, if not more so. Patient-centered care above all else is our primary goal. We put forth every advancement and modification with the patient in mind. Doing so ensures that we meet the needs of all our patients, no matter how specific.

Over the years, we have learned what our patients consider the ideal dentist experience. With the help of our innovative practices, the ideal patient experience is well within your grasp. With our technology, you benefit from increased accuracy, less discomfort, and significantly less time spent in the dentist's chair. You leave our facilities with a restored smile and a restored sense of confidence.

Needless to say, the integration of digital workflows has greatly advanced our practice. Not only has it added efficiency to the surgical methods, but it has greatly improved the overall patient experience. To us, the patient's comfort is of the utmost importance. We would never dream of integrating a piece of equipment that hindered our patient's time in the dentist's chair.

Dental Impressions Done the Caudry Way

As we always say, the comfort of the patient is of the utmost importance. When we introduce a new approach to our practice, we always make sure it does not compromise the overall comfort of the patient.

Our committed team of practitioners has refined more than just the surgical steps of the implant process. We have even improved the practice of taking dental impressions. With us, you'll never have to endure the awkwardness and discomfort of messy dental impressions. Rather than relying on the putty-like alginate that most dentists still use, we let our handheld intraoral scanners do the work. These oral scanners have the benefit of increasing patient comfort and capturing more accurate and richly detailed images of teeth and gums. The dental impression process is now as straightforward as a routine check-up.

Our intraoral scanners are but one of the many advancements we've introduced to our facilities. This will not be the last advancement, either. We are always looking for ways to improve our quality of care. Given Dr. Caudry's immersive role in ongoing research, we predict that it won't be long until we introduce yet another improvement to our practice.

Accurate Dental Implant Surgery

The question of accuracy comes up often when discussing dental implant surgery-and for good reason. A properly-placed implant safeguards patients from countless problems such as gum infections, implant loss, and the aesthetic quality of the tooth itself.

Another one of the benefits of digital dentistry is the increased accuracy. With the help of our intraoral scanners and CBCT scans, we are able to craft the surgical processes step-by-step, ensuring we know exactly what to anticipate when the time comes for your surgery. While this makes for a straightforward surgical process, it also makes sure you get the picture-perfect results you deserve. Time and time again, patients leave our facility with a smile they never thought possible. These beautiful smiles aren't new, though-they're the wonderful smiles they always had. All we do is restore the smile to its former glory.

Accuracy is key in our line of work. From the implant to the crown, we make sure your new teeth suit your mouth perfectly. While that might seem like a big promise, we don't think that is too much for our patients to ask. As a patient, your standard should be high. It is our objective to not just meet but exceed those standards.

Digital Dental Impressions Done Right

Our state-of-the-art practices ensure more than increased accuracy. With us, you also get the benefit of increased comfort during every step of the implant procedure. We've even gone so far as to improve the process of taking dental impressions.

In the past, you might have had to endure the mild discomfort and messiness of traditional dental impressions. In the facilities of Dr. Caudry, however, patients experience our cutting-edge approach to the dental impression procedure. With us, the procedure is fast, clean, and patient-friendly. What's more, they're more accurate than any other. Using streamlined technology, you'll receive the most accurately crafted crown possible.

We will even take dental impressions during the post-op appointment, which will save you from unnecessary time in the dentist's chair in the future. Our time-saving approach promises fewer appointments without any diminishment in care.

Dentistry Driven by Scientific Research

The ever-evolving needs of our patients guide our practice. It is through research and professional collaboration that we find ways to satisfy these needs.

Research and study play a significant role in implant planning and oral surgery in general. Digital workflows, which Dr. Caudry and her team have long since embraced, only succeeded in revolutionizing dentistry through the meticulous research and troubleshooting of dedicated professionals. Now, the future of digital dentistry rests in the hands of innovators who prioritize both professional innovation and patient comfort. That is where the valued skillsets of Dr. Caudry come in.

As a practicing periodontist, clinical instructor, and academic long celebrated for her many contributions to the field, Dr. Caudry is always looking for new ways to improve the overall experience of every individual patient. For a patient experience informed by both clinical expertise and extensive research, we invite you to contact our facilities.

Oral Surgery in a Calming and Caring Environment

High-quality care doesn't commence in the dentist's chair. It begins long before that. Your case has our complete attention the moment you walk through our doors.

The moment you walk into our facility, you'll find yourself in a calm atmosphere filled with the most accommodating staff imaginable. We'll help you fill out all the necessary forms, book future appointments, and answer any questions you might have. Rest assured, from the first phone call to the moment we complete any post-op procedures, you'll have the most positive experience possible.

We understand how uneasy you may feel when first walking into our facilities. Many people have mixed feelings about dentists and periodontists, and some might not have sat in a dentist's chair in decades.

We want you to feel comfortable. Our staff will answer any questions you might have about possible treatments, post-operative care, and more. After any surgical procedures, you will have an opportunity to recover in our therapeutic resting area, ensuring you leave our facilities feeling comfortable and coherent.

What's more, we always take time to outline the steps of your post-operative treatment and at-home aftercare. We'll walk you through the cleaning and hygienic practices needed to ensure your implant heals properly, and we will always be available to answer any future questions you might have.

Dental Implant Surgery and Dental Plans: Am I Covered?

Rest assured, the fees for our treatments are not pulled out of thin air. Our costs are determined by the Ontario Dental Association's current periodontal fee guide.

Are you unsure as to whether or not your dental plan covers the dental implant procedure? Feel free to bring your dental benefits information to your examination appointment. One of our team members will be more than glad to review your dental plan for you.

We know how complicated issues related to insurance coverage can be. We hope that our commitment to your case makes matters less stressful.

Our Approach to Dental Surgery

At our facilities, placement of the dental implant begins with freezing the implant site. After we know the area is frozen and you are comfortable, we place the implant in the bone. Afterward, we place a temporary healing abutment over the implant. Soft tissues are sutured, and after the area has healed, we replace the abutment with a fully customized tooth made of ceramic or metal.

Comfort levels vary during implant surgery, which is why we offer adjustable sedation options to all our patients. Upon request, we can even increase sedation levels when necessary during your surgery. With our sedation options, you'll experience as little discomfort as possible and your surgery will be over before you know it.

Sedation for Your Surgery

To ensure the surgical process is as comfortable as can be, we offer a wide range of sedation options to you and all our patients. In our facilities, you are free to choose from nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) and Complete Sleep. We have fully trained anesthesiologists on-site to administer and adjust sedation levels during your procedure, ensuring you remain comfortable for the duration of your procedure.

With sedation, you can undergo multiple or more complicated procedures in one sitting rather than booking several surgeries. This will lead to a shorter recovery period and less time coordinating with family members and employers.

For those who feel nervous about sitting in the dentist's chair, sedation makes any worries or concerns melt away. Whether you choose our 'barely aware, don't care' Twilight Sedation or Complete Sleep, you will be too comfortable to feel nervous.

Twilight Sedation

With Twilight Sedation, you experience profound comfort and feel zero pain. You will leave our facility with little-to-no memory of your session. If you find yourself wanting to make the time pass more quickly, you can always transition to Complete Sleep at any point.

Complete Sleep

With this sedation option, you slip into a deep sleep, ensuring you have no awareness of the procedure at all. We recommend this sedation level to those who experience moderate to severe anxiety at the dentist, as well as those who are undergoing long, complicated procedures.

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