Dental Implant Surgery in Mississauga

Damaged or missing teeth can impact your oral health, your self-esteem, and the appearance of your smile. When people wish to restore their smile to its former glory, there is only one name they trust, and that is ours.

If you are seeking dental treatment, no look further than Dr. Suzanne Caudry and her amazing staff of dedicated professionals. Our approach to dental implant surgery relies on computer-guided technologies, ensuring optimal comfort, greater accuracy, and a smile you never thought possible. As a longtime innovator and early adopter of the most cutting-edge technology used today, Dr. Caudry will carry out your surgical procedures with both precision and ease.

Do you want to see how we simplify and streamline the surgical process? All you have to do is contact us. To schedule your first consultation, call us at (416) 928-3444 today. We will restore your health, happiness, and your smile. We cannot wait to hear from you.

When the Time for Dental Implants Finally Comes

Millions and millions of people experience a decrease in overall self-confidence as a result of missing teeth. With this loss of confidence comes a decline in their quality of life. Instead of letting themselves laugh at a pleasant joke or smile during photos, they cover their mouths and feel uncomfortable speaking up in meetings.

For those living their lives with a smile that makes them unhappy, or for those whose oral health is compromised as a result of missing or damaged teeth, there is help. Dental implants can change your life for the better! With dental implants, you won't have to hide your teeth behind a frown anymore. You'll feel free to comfortably smile.

And there is no one more qualified to restore your smile than Dr. Caudry.

Dr. Caudry: At the Forefront of Tooth Implant Procedures and Oral Surgery

Dr. Suzanne Caudry, Ph.D., DDS, MSc is a recognized periodontist at the forefront of dental implantology. With a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Australia's La Trobe University, an MSc with a specialization in Periodontics from the University of Toronto, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from McGill University, there is no one more qualified than Dr. Caudry.

Not one to rest her laurels on past accomplishments, Dr. Caudry is actively involved in ongoing research which she presents internationally at conferences. She is also a clinical instructor in the periodontal department at the University of Toronto. As if her commitment to the advancement of her field is not strong enough, she also leads regular study clubs for the many practicing dentists in the GTA. At these study clubs, Dr. Caudry helps professionals expand their knowledge base. This approach ensures that both patients and professional peers benefit from Dr. Caudry's expertise.

Caring for Our Patients

For many people, the time for a dental implant comes suddenly. An accident leaves them with a damaged tooth, or they wake up and finally make the decision to improve their smile. When you come to that decision, we strongly suggest you contact our facilities. From the moment you enter our wonderful facilities to the moment you exit, you'll have the full attention of our dedicated staff—and that is a promise.

A Periodontist Invested in Innovation

Every year brings more and more innovations to the field of periodontics. Over the years, Dr. Caudry and her staff have embraced every worthwhile innovation that has come their way. In doing so, we've cultivated one of the most cutting-edge and patient-focused practices in the region.

The many advancements in our field aren't just for the benefit of periodontists-they're for the benefit of you, the patient. When it comes to dental implantology, there is no greater innovation than digital dentistry. As one might expect, Dr. Caudry has been at the forefront of these advancements.

While some practitioners have not embraced computer-guided oral surgery, Dr. Caudry has fully integrated digital workflows into her practice. In fact, Dr. Caudry was one of the first periodontists in North America to pioneer digital dentistry over fifteen years ago.

Digital Dentistry: The Modern Dental Implant Replacement Procedure

Surgical, dental implant procedures have improved. With the use of 3D dental X-rays, intraoral scanners, and computer-guided surgery, our patients benefit from less discomfort, increased accuracy, and much less time spent in the dentist's chair.

High Rate of Success

Many people wonder about the success rate of dental implant surgery. They want to know if surgery and the related treatments are worth the time they'll have to take off work or the money they'll have to give a babysitter.

Rest assured, the success rate of a dental implant is incredibly high. Boasting a 90-95% success rate, your dental implant will surely result in the smile you desire. With us overseeing the implant placement process, you should feel even more confident about your decision. We will make sure everything goes according to our detailed implant placement plan.

Digital Workflows and Oral Surgery

Our cutting-edge approach to dental implant planning and surgery has simplified and streamlined surgical processes. From the utilization of intraoral scanners to our ability to craft unbelievably realistic crowns, we promise a patient experience like no other.

When it comes to taking impressions of your teeth, we no longer rely on those messy procedures. Rather than inserting the putty-like molds into your mouth, we use a mess-free intraoral scanner. These scanners produce richly detailed images of your teeth, allowing us to plan your dental work with great ease.

With this approach, you get vivid dental impressions without any of the mess or discomfort associated with them.

Computer-Guided Oral Surgery

At our facilities, the innovations don't begin and end with the intraoral scanners and dental impressions. We have even refined every aspect of the surgical processes-and we've done so for the benefit of the patient.

Computer-guided surgery is an innovative and ever-evolving mode of surgery. It isn't just available to the elite few, either. Here, we have integrated computer-guided methods into our practice, ensuring every one of our patients gets to reap the benefits.

By improving the surgical, restorative, and laboratory phases of dental implant planning, we make your time in our facility as comfortable-and engaging-as can be. We give our patients the opportunity to review the entire treatment plan from beginning to end before we even design the dental implant.

Rest assured, there is no one better suited to serve you than us. Not only is Dr. Caudry skilled in the field of dental implant planning, but she was one of the first surgeons in North America to master this approach.

The Periodontist Who Puts Patients First

We operate according to a patient-centered philosophy. If an advancement or technological improvement compromises the comfort of the patient, we do not embrace it. Every aspect of our practice has been refined with the patient in mind, ensuring your overall experience will be as wonderful-and as comfortable-as can be.

We believe in catering to our patients every step of the way. From the moment you walk through our doors to the moment you leave, we promise you will have a comfortable and accommodating experience like no other. Our receptionists and administrative staff will assist you with any insurance-related matters and field any questions that might be on your mind. Here, the patient always comes first. Once we have completed your implant surgery, we will make sure to brief you on all your post-operative and aftercare measures to ensure a speedy recovery.

At our facilities, we only implement new procedures, technologies, and workflows that succeed in enhancing clinical precision and patient comfort. With precision and the comfort of the patient as our top priorities, you are guaranteed to get the results you want with a relaxed approach.

Sedation for Dental Implant Surgery

Do you feel nervous when you approach the dentist's chair? Do you dread the thought of sitting in the chair for hours and hours while an oral surgeon performs surgery for a dental implant? You are not alone. Many of our patients wish to undergo surgery without any of the anxiety or discomfort associated with traditional procedures. For these reasons and more, we offer a variety of sedation options to all patients who walk through our doors.

We offer dental sedation to those who experience a tinge of anxiety when they sit in the dentist's chair or are expecting to sit through a lengthy round of dental procedures. With dental sedation, we can fully ensure optimal comfort during the surgical process. You can be as present or aware as you wish during the surgical processes. Time will pass quickly, and you will be as comfortable as can be.

Multiple Sedation Options for You

We even offer multiple sedation options. The first level of sedation we offer is known as Twilight sedation. With the twilight option, you're carried into a state of comfort and zero pain. We like to say that it produces a 'Barely aware-don't care!' state. The second level is Complete Sleep, the name of which is self-explanatory. This gentle anesthesia eliminates consciousness altogether, ensuring you'll have zero memory of the session. And as promised, you will not feel a thing.

Save Time with Sedation

Sedation can even help save you time and money, too. When you rely on sedation to undergo multiple treatments in one session, you save time on commuting and the money that comes with it.

We highly recommend sedation or gentle anesthesia to our patients that have numerous lengthy surgeries ahead of them. If you would like to learn about the options available to you, simply ask one of our helpful staff members.

Ensuring Dental Implant Success

After surgically placing your dental implant, we still need to make sure the surgical site heals properly. To ensure continued success, we will provide you a variety of easy-to-follow instructions for proper post-operative care.

Some of the post-operative guidelines for dental implant success include following a practical, nutritious diet. We suggest avoiding chewing food on the side of your mouth that has received the implant. Soft and nutritious food will help speed up the recovery process.

We also recommend regular rinsing. We will provide you with a prescription mouthwash, Peridex, that you will use twice a day for about four days. With a Q-tip, you'll also be able to apply Peridex to the surgical site.

Other post-operative care steps include:

  • Avoid alcohol following surgery
  • Avoid straws
  • Gentle brushing and flossing
  • Limit smoking if possible

By following these instructions, you will be able to rest easy, knowing your surgical site is healing as it should. After the post-operative period has come to an end, we advise our patients to continue practicing proper oral hygiene. Brush regularly and properly, floss after you eat, and pay attention to any aches and pains that happen to develop in the coming months. The more diligent you are, the healthier your teeth and gums will be.

Ask the Experts Anything  

Did you know that a hard toothbrush is not necessarily the most effective toothbrush? It is true. When it comes to your teeth and gums after implant surgery, it is important to handle your teeth gently. Rather than brushing as hard as you can, try to brush gently and thoroughly. In doing so, you won't inflame your gums or cause any unwanted discomfort.

The experts at our facilities are filled with tips such as these, and we are always eager to educate our patients on the ways of oral care. If you find yourself with questions, never hesitate to ask us.

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