Post-operative Info

What you need to know after your procedure.

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Post-operative Instructions

Medications Swelling Bleeding Consumption Sutures

These instructions apply when you’ve completed your surgical procedure. Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.

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Pain Medication

Discomfort during the first week following your surgical procedure is not unusual. You will be given a prescription for medication to help with your recovery. Please take your medications as directed. Take your pain medication as prescribed to stay ahead of the soreness. Do not wait until you have pain. Take your pain medication with food.

As an alternative to prescription opioid medications, some patients have found that taking both Advil and Tylenol can be effective. We recommend either of the following dosages: 3 Advil Liqui-Gels and 2 Regular Strength Tylenol or 3 Advil Liqui-Gels and 1 Extra Strength Tylenol, every 4-6 hours as needed.


An antibiotic may be prescribed for your surgical procedure. Take as directed until finished. Take these medications with food. For women taking birth control pills, be advised that antibiotics may interfere with their effectiveness.


Swelling is common for 2-3 days after the procedure. Use ice packs for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the first 24 hours. Should swelling persist for more than three days, please make an appointment with us.


A small amount of bleeding is also normal. If you have excessive or continuous bleeding try the following:

  • Do not vigorouslyrinse your mouth.
  • Elevate your head when lying down.
  • Apply moistened gauze/tea bag to the immediate area with moderate pressure for 20 minutes, repeat if necessary.
  • Crushed ice held in your mouth for 5-10 minutes can also be helpful.
  • Call the office if bleeding persists.
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Avoid chewing on the side of your mouth where surgery was completed. A nutritious diet is recommended. Prepare your kitchen in advance by stocking up on nutritious foods. Remember, adequate nutrition is essential to heal and to feel better.


Do not smoke for at least 2 weeks following your surgical procedure. Smoking will significantly slow healing and compromise results.


Do not drink alcohol while taking prescription pain medications.


A perscription mouthwash (Peridex) is to be started after surgery and used twice a day for four days. Peridex is then applied topically to the surgical site with a Q-tip twice a day for the first couple of weeks after surgery. If teeth have been extracted do not rinse for the first 24 hours.


Do not brush the surgical site. You may continue normal brushing/flossing in other areas. At the surgical site, a Q-tip can be used as a soft tooth brush. Continue this until we see you for your post-up visit at 10 days.


Most sutures used in periodontal surgery dissolve. Non-dissolving sutures will be removed at your first post-op visit, after 10 days.

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