You don’t want to be aware, you don't need to be!

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Longer or multiple procedures in one appointment.

Helps manage patient anxiety and/or fear.

Quicker treatment times and fewer complications.

An easier treatment experience and recovery.

About Sedation

To ensure your experience is relaxed and comfortable, we offer a wide range of sedation options from nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to complete sleep. We are fully trained, staffed, and equipped to provide a wide range of sedation options including twilight sleep or complete sleep. This treatment option can eliminate the sensations (sights, smells, sounds, stress) of dentistry that you find unpleasant, or even intolerable. Medical Anaesthesiologists administer all sedation services to ensure maximum comfort and safety during treatments.

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Benefits of Sedation

Total Comfort Control

Sedation provides total control of comfort, anxiety, and stress, with the assurance of complete elimination of pain and sensation during your treatment. Studies show that anxiety leads to more post-operative pain and complications.

Multiple Surgeries

Total comfort control allows our team to complete multiple treatments in a single appointment. For example, gum grafts and an implant in one session is possible! This lets you finish your treatment faster and offers a tremendous overall savings in cost and time. Time is a precious commodity.

Long Surgeries

When you are stressed or uncomfortable, minutes can seem to be hours. You don’t want to be there — you don’t need to be there.

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Dr Michael Saso (Anesthesiologist) and Dr Suzanne Caudry discussing a sedation case.

Sedation Levels

Twilight Sedation

Twilight sedation produces a "barely aware - don't care" state with profound comfort and zero pain. You will have virtually no memory of your session. At any time, if needed, this state can be taken to the next level of Complete Sleep as described below.

Complete Sleep

The term says it all. Safe, sophisticated, gentle anesthesia can eliminate consciousness altogether. You are completely unaware of any treatment. Complete sleep sedation is recommended for patients with moderate to severe anxiety, who are undergoing long surgeries, or for patients who would like multiple surgeries in one visit.


Surgeries under sedation are very safe. Of course, every drug has risks (even Aspirin), sometimes severe, and we are open in our information and discussion. Sedation dentistry is a safe, effective and simple choice for those who prefer or require it.

Exceptional Training & Credentials

Our doctors and the staff are second to none. For this service, we employ medical specialists (Anesthetists) from the Humber River Hospital, and specially trained dental nurses.

Fully Equipped Facilities

Our practice is specially designed as a surgical operatory. We have a comfortable recovery area, continuously monitored by our Registered Nurse. With hospital caliber anesthetic equipment with full emergency capabilities we exceed the stringent certification requirements for sedation and anesthesia of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Information Availability

Please ask questions. We listen. We pride ourselves at offering and providing as much detailed information as you require.

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Patient Forms

All sedation forms, medical history review and surgery preparation forms are available here.

Pre-anaesthetic Medical History Questionnaire


Sedation Treatment Consent


Pre & Post Op Information for Sedation


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