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“We are more than a one stop shop. We diagnose, treat, but most importantly we help you maintain optimal oral health. The most important component of periodontal treatment is this long term maintenance. This is where our specialized hygiene department comes in.” — Dr. Suzanne Caudry

Our Goal AIM Above Excellence We Invest In You

Our Goal

The goal of our practice is to provide exceptional treatment, incorporating vast clinical experience with current scientific research. Our purpose is to help patients achieve optimal oral health, function and aesthetics. We strive to provide patients with the best treatment options, emphasizing minimally-invasive treatment to maximize long term outcomes.

Aim Above Excellence

Our practice is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality periodontal treatment, backed by research and executed by highly trained professionals. We are fully equipped and staffed to provide simple and complex treatment options. Our hygiene department is dedicated to provide individualized maintenance programs designed especially for your needs.

We invest in you.


At our practice, your comfort is important to us. We have multiple options available to help with your comfort during treatment including twilight and complete sleep dentistry.



Your understanding of the treatment options available is important to us. Not only is our treatment exceptional, we pride ourselves in the level of education we provide for our patients. We work hard to ensure you know all the relevant details and that you are confident knowing you will have the best possible experience and long term results.

Education & Treatments

Individualized Care

Everyone is different, we care about these differences and will create a treatment and hygiene maintenance program especially for you.

Hygiene & Treatment

About Dr. Suzanne Caudry

Dr. Caudry has demonstrated drive and a pursuit for excellence throughout her career. She is not only a skilled clinician, but also highly educated and celebrated for her achievements and contributions to science.

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COVID-19 Safety Measures:

The health of our patients is our top priority. That being said, we have gone above and beyond the recommended guidelines to ensure the safety of all our patients as well as team members.

With everyone’s wellbeing in mind, here are some of the COVID-19 safety measures we have put into place:

The reason we have set the bar so high is simply for your protection. We have built a welcoming and safe environment to ensure you feel comfortable while visiting our office.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this time.

We look forward to seeing you.