Dental Implants in Oakville

Are you fed up with always worrying about how your smile looks? Are you done with feeling shy because of a missing or damaged tooth? Is it time to finally improve your smile-and your oral health?

Missing teeth can affect our health, our overall confidence, and our sense of self. If you're looking to restore your smile and regain your confidence, contact Dr. Suzanne Caudry today to learn more about dental implants. As one of the foremost clinicians in Oakville and beyond, Dr. Caudry and her dream-team of staff will craft you the dental implant you deserve.

Utilizing only the most state-of-the-art practices, we provide exceptional oral care in the region. Would you like to learn more about us, or schedule a comprehensive consultation? Request our services by calling (416) 928-3444 today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Oakville's Leading Expert in Dental Surgery

When it comes to your teeth, you only want to work with the finest periodontist in your region. Your oral health and your smile are simply too valuable to entrust to any individual. If finding a qualified periodontist is your primary concern, you'll find no oral surgeon more qualified than Dr. Suzanne Caudry. As both a clinician and academic, Dr. Caudry's ongoing practice runs parallel to her ongoing involvement in periodontal research. At our facilities, you're guaranteed to not only receive the highest quality care, but cutting-edge care using the most up-to-date digital technology.

Blending our patient-centered approach with the trusted innovations spearheaded by Dr. Caudry and the world's leading periodontists, you are sure to get the most adequate care possible. We will prioritize your comfort while you are in our facilities, and you will leave the dentist's chair with that winning smile you have always wanted.

Dr. Caudry's primary focuses include:

  • Dental Implantology Using Digital Technology
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Soft Tissue Grafting
  • Non-Surgical and Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Diseases

Is Dental Implant Surgery for Me?

Many of our patients visit us after not having visited an oral surgeon or dentist in years-some even decades. They're unsure if they're an ideal candidate for dental implants because of the state of their teeth and gums. Others, meanwhile, don't know if their missing tooth needs to be replaced.

The truth is, there are many reasons one might want-or often need-to replace a tooth. We believe that any reason is valid, whether it be cosmetic or health-related. Often all these reasons are so intertwined, much like how one's self-esteem and happiness can impact their overall health.

Even if a missing tooth has yet to cause you trouble, most professionals will advise patients to consider implant surgery. Without a healthy implant in place, your jaw bone is likely to weaken over time, leading to complications later in life. As for unhealthy teeth that have yet to be extracted, gum recession, gum disease, and further infections could arise.

Are you still unsure whether dental implant surgery is the right option for you? Contact us today. We'll answer any questions you might have.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implant Surgery

Do you find yourself always smiling with your mouth closed? Do you hesitate to smile in public? You are not alone. We meet with countless patients who feel they've lost the ability to smile.

No person's smile should be a source of shame or embarrassment. For many people, though, those are the only feelings their smile brings. They worry that people think they're careless and unclean because their teeth aren't perfect, or they worry that those missing teeth make them look unattractive.

If you want to reclaim your smile, we welcome you to contact us. We are capable of giving you back your smile. Our tooth replacement procedures don't leave you with artificial or ill-fitting teeth. Rather, they leave you with natural-looking, healthy, and long-lasting teeth. People won't notice your crowns-instead they'll simply notice how wonderful your smile has become. Your new implant will last you a lifetime, so long as you do your part to look after it. To set you on the right path, we will provide you with much information on proper at-home oral care. Your new tooth will look wonderful, and so will the rest of your teeth, too.

With our help, you'll be able to smile freely again. You'll be able to laugh at jokes without worrying what your teeth look like or sneeze without worrying that your teeth will fly across the room.

How Much Does a Tooth Implant Cost?

There are many things that might keep a person from visiting a periodontist, or even a dentist. When you visit our facilities, we immediately put all those reservations and worries to rest. From the surgical procedures to the cost of an implant, we tailor every aspect of our service with you in mind.

Are you worried about the cost of oral surgery? Instead of wasting time worrying, why not schedule a consultation with us? You don't even need a referral! What's more, the scheduling process could not be any more simple.

The cost of periodontal treatment varies from patient to patient. We are, however, capable of providing you with an estimate during your first consultation. And don't worry, we don't just come up with estimates on the spot. We rely on the Ontario Dental Association's fee guide to determine costs.

Most of our treatments are often covered by patient's dental insurance plans, though each plan is different. If you are ensure what your existing dental plan covers, do not hesitate to ask our dedicated administrative staff for assistance. We'll be able to help you find out exactly what your plan covers.

Extensive Oral Surgery: Replacing Several or All of Your Teeth

Often when one tooth suffers from neglect-or a sudden mishap-other teeth suffer too. Thankfully, we are more than capable of replacing multiple teeth. What's more, we can complete this procedure in fewer sessions than ever thought possible.

When you need several or all of your teeth replaced, we will either replace each individual tooth with an implant or replace many at once with a fixed bridge. Assessing which approach is best suited for you will be discussed during your first visit with us.

After we have determined the right course of action, we will carry out the necessary preparatory steps. If you require multiple extractions, we'll schedule your initial appointment at a time that is most convenient for you. After succeeding in extracting your damaged teeth, we will begin the implanting planning process. With the help of our digital workflows, this process is as streamlined as it can be. We'll map out every stage of the implant process before we even get you in the dentist's chair.

We'll Teach You the Importance of Post-Operative Dental Hygiene

Are you unsure how long you should wait to floss after your new crown has been installed? Are you uncertain as to which foods you should avoid?

Don't worry, we won't rush you out of our doors so quickly. Once your implant procedure has been completed, we will instruct you on how to properly care for your teeth in the immediate and long-term future. We also offer a specialized hygiene program specifically designed to look after you and your new dental implants. Through us, you can access any number of hygienic treatments, some of which include:

Deep Scaling

Scaling goes deeper than any other cleaning method. While standard methods clean the surface of the tooth, deep scaling, like the name suggests, goes much deeper. For patients who live with periodontitis (gum disease) or are at risk of developing it, deep scaling comes highly recommended. This treatment addresses all the plaque and harmful bacteria that hides under the gums. If you live with gum disease, we recommend you request our deep scaling treatment once every three months.

Antibacterial Treatment for Implants

Every person should always take care of their teeth, make no mistake. If you have dental implants, however, you are going to have to take extra care of your teeth. Through antibacterial irrigation, we can aid the health and longevity of your dental implants.


Fluoride treatments make your teeth more immune to unwanted plaque buildup. With our treatments, you won't have to worry about decay, increased sensitivity, or weakened roots.

Vigilant Monitoring

Only through careful monitoring of your pre-existing conditions or your new dental implants can we ensure optimal health and longevity. When you visit us, we'll thoroughly investigate your teeth, gums, and implants for signs of reactive disease or troublesome plaque.

Award-Winning Periodontists and Highly-Trained Staff

Over the years, Dr. Caudry has presented her innovative research at conferences around the world and received much recognition for her contributions to the field. Despite these professional accolades, Dr. Caudry and her team always insist on prioritizing the needs of the patient. This patient-centered approach ensures that everyone who steps through our door receives the best care possible.

For a periodontist that provides quality service with peace of mind, contact us today at (416) 928-3444.