Dental Implants Accessible From Oakville

Even people with the brightest smiles will sometimes worry about how their teeth look. Those with missing or damaged teeth worry all the more. Are you looking to address your dental troubles? If so, we invite you to contact Dr. Suzanne Caudry. Specializing in the surgical placement and restoration of dental implants, Dr. Caudry and her exceptional staff can restore—or completely revitalize—your smile.

New dental implants and a picture-perfect smile await you. All you have to do? Call our offices at your leisure. Schedule your consultation by calling (416) 928-3444. We cannot wait to serve you.

Specializing in Dental Implantology

Dental implants have radically transformed the way we approach oral surgery. In the past, many people might have had little choice but to live with damaged or missing teeth. Today, there is a natural-looking and affordable option at their fingertips—and no shortage of periodontists who specialize in the placement of these wonderful implants.

As many have come to learn, Dr. Caudry and her wonderful staff are some of the most celebrated periodontists in the region. Over the years, we have helped countless individuals correct their oral health and cosmetic dentistry issues. We restore damaged implants, surgically place multiple implants and dental bridges, and so much more. We are the ones to turn to when you are in need.

Are you fed up with always worrying about how your smile looks? Are you done with feeling shy because of a missing or damaged tooth? Is it time to finally improve your smile-and your oral health?

Missing teeth can affect our health, our overall confidence, and our sense of self. If you're looking to restore your smile and regain your confidence, contact Dr. Suzanne Caudry today to learn more about dental implants. As one of the foremost clinicians accessible from Oakville and beyond, Dr. Caudry and her dream-team of staff will craft you the dental implant you deserve.

Utilizing only the most state-of-the-art practices, we provide exceptional oral care in the region. Would you like to learn more about us, or schedule a comprehensive consultation? Request our services by calling (416) 928-3444 today. We look forward to hearing from you.

One of the Leading Experts in Dental Surgery

Oral health is directly tied to your overall health. For these reasons and more, you should only entrust your teeth and gums to professionals who come highly recommended. If you were to ask your friends and neighbors who their favorite dental implant surgeon was, we are confident that they will mention our name. We are local leaders in dental surgery.

When it comes to your teeth, you only want to work with the finest periodontist in your region. Your oral health and your smile are simply too valuable to entrust to any individual. If finding a qualified periodontist is your primary concern, you'll find no oral surgeon more qualified than Dr. Suzanne Caudry. As both a clinician and academic, Dr. Caudry's ongoing practice runs parallel to her ongoing involvement in periodontal research. At our facilities, you're guaranteed to not only receive the highest quality care, but cutting-edge care using the most up-to-date digital technology.

Blending our patient-centered approach with the trusted innovations spearheaded by Dr. Caudry and the world's leading periodontists, you are sure to get the most adequate care possible. We will prioritize your comfort while you are in our facilities, and you will leave the dentist's chair with that winning smile you have always wanted.

We're Worth the Visit

Most people care for their teeth and gums at home—but not everyone thinks that a visit to their dentist or periodontist is worth it. They tell themselves that their oral health issues are not that bad, or the thought of taking off work just to sit in the dentist’s chair only dissuades them from booking a visit with us. That said, any patient who visits our facilities is always glad that they did.

Have you been delaying a visit to a facility such as ours? Are you worried about the costs involved or the stress that comes from sitting in the dentist's chair? We promise that once you take that first step through our doors, many of your worries will fall away. Our dedicated administrative staff will guide you through all matters related to scheduling, insurance claims, and more. Dr. Caudry's assisting staff will make sure you're comfortable from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave-and that says nothing of Dr. Caudry's incomparable proficiency.

We know your comfort is your top priority. Here, we make sure patient comfort is our top priority, too. Trust us when we say we are well worth the visit.

Making the Dental Implant Decision

Do you find yourself weighing the pros and cons of dental implants? Have you lived with missing teeth for so long that you are unsure if you even need to fill in those gaps in your smile? Lots of people tell themselves that dental implants are not worth it. Over time though, everyone agrees that a full and healthy set of teeth makes all the difference. The pros truly outweigh the cons.

There are lots of factors and concerns that run through a patient's mind when they're considering getting dental implants. They wonder about the lifespan of dental implants, the nature of the surgical procedures, and so much more. Rather than pondering these questions on your own, why not simply come to us for the answers? We are here to dispel myths, answer questions, and do away with all your concerns. Do you have questions? Be sure to ask them in your consultation. The consultation process is for you as much as it is for us, after all. Before long you will know that the decision to get dental implants is the right decision.

Do you have a lot of questions about the dental implant procedure? Are you curious to learn whether or not someone with your pre-existing health conditions might qualify for treatment? Over the years, we have heard many of the same questions from every patient that has contacted our facilities. We decided to compile some answers to a few of the questions we most commonly receive.

What is a Dental Implant?

Many people are embarrassed to ask such a straightforward question, but it is an important one.

Dental implants consist of a few basic components. These are:

  • Crown
  • Abutment
  • Implant

The part that we implant into the jaw and gums is what we refer to as the implant (also known as the fixture). It is a small, screw-shaped structure that serves the same purpose as a natural tooth's roots. We surgically place the implant in the area where the tooth's root once was. During the healing process, this implant fuses with the jawbone. We call this process “osseointegration.

The dental implant fixture is commonly made from titanium. The reason many oral surgeons prefer to use titanium is its record for success in dental implantology. Professionals know that the titanium screw has an incredibly high chance of being accepted by the body during the osseointegration process.

The abutment is the part of the fixture that extends above the gum line. This abutment is what the dental crown itself attaches to after securing the implant in place. As for the dental crown (also known as a prosthesis), it is the part of the implant that looks nearly identical to a natural tooth. These crowns are typically made from porcelain, ceramic, or a combination of both materials.

The dental implant might seem simplistic, but it is durable and long-lasting. With any luck, your new dental implant will last as long—or longer—than any natural teeth. With proper care, the implant will even look wonderful through the years, too.

How Long Does Dental Implant Surgery Take?

No two surgical procedures are alike. Some of our patients require multiple dental implants, while others only need a single implant. As a result, surgical times can vary. That said, the initial implant surgery takes about one hour per implant.

After inserting the implant fixture into the root-area, we give your body time to heal and accept the implant screw. After we have followed up on the initial surgery, we'll be able to plan the final stages of the implant procedure. If the initial surgery was a success, you can rest easy knowing the final stages will go as smoothly as possible.

Ins and Outs of Dental Implant Surgery

We work with many patients that get nervous every time they visit the dentist's office. We understand why our patients might feel nervous, but we assure you that we will make you feel comfortable at every turn. Our state-of-the-art technology and commitment to patient-centered care ensure that all discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum.

We have even revolutionized the way we take your dental impressions. Gone are the days of messy materials and invasive procedures. Using intra-oral scanners, we are able to take vivid 3D impressions of your teeth and gums in a non-invasive manner that takes little time and eliminates most discomfort.

Oral Surgery the Dr. Caudry Way

There is no reason not to work with some of the leading experts in dental surgery if you have the option. As many have come to learn, there are few oral health professionals as qualified and committed to the well-being of patients as Dr. Suzanne Caudry. Over the years, Dr. Caudry hasn't just embraced the latest innovations in periodontics. More than that, she has spearheaded some of these advancements herself.

Computer Guided Surgery

Dr. Caudry was one of the first oral surgeons in Canada to be trained in the ways of computer-guided surgery. She hasn't just mastered these innovative methods—more than that, she has helped push them forward even further.

Computer-guided surgery refers to the various surgical, laboratory, and restorative phases of the dental implant procedures. We have integrated computerized elements and digital workflows into all aspects of these processes, allowing for greater accuracy, increased reliability, and improved patient accessibility.

Thanks to these improved technologies, we are able to walk patients through every stage of their procedure prior to commencing surgery. Reviewing a treatment plan before starting the treatment helps to ease patient's anxiety and gives them the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns, and offer input.

Oral Surgery Is for Everyone

Computer-guided surgery is not a luxury procedure. Here we believe computer-guided surgery should be accessible to all patients.

Digital Impressions: Less Mess, More Comfort

If you have been to the dentist before, you surely remember the discomfort that came with getting your dental impressions taken. There were the wait-times in the chair, and there was the messiness and discomfort associated with the strange, peculiar putty your dentist might have liked to use.

We are pleased to inform you that those days of discomfort are long gone. Thanks to our computer-guided approach, we have done away with the messiness and everything else you might remember from previous visits. At our facilities, we have come to embrace digital dental impressions.

With digital impressions, we can promise greater accuracy, less discomfort, and less time spent in the dentist's chair. Using only an intra-oral scanner, we are able to take richly detailed impressions of your teeth and gums. This digital-only approach eliminates the need for unnecessary dental impressions on future visits, making for a more efficient and streamlined patient experience.

As an added bonus, we are also more than willing to take post-operative dental impressions on behalf of your dentist. With these detailed impressions, your time at your usual dentist's office will be all the more enjoyable.

A Skilled Periodontal and Cosmetic Dentist

When you decide to pursue treatment for your dental issues, you want to work with the finest professionals in your region. After all, the health of your teeth and gums is of the utmost importance. Few are as lauded as Dr. Caudry, whose extensive academic background and ongoing commitment to research continue to push the field of oral surgery even further.

Aside from Dr. Caudry's exemplary academic achievements, she has also mastered many cosmetic and periodontal practices. Dr. Caudry's primary focuses include:

  • Dental Implantology Using Digital Technology
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Soft Tissue Grafting
  • Non-Surgical and Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Diseases

Rest assured, no matter the extent of your oral trauma, we will make sure you get the treatment you need. Many of our patients require extensive oral surgery prior to receiving their dental implant. With us, the preliminary procedures are as streamlined and manageable as can be.

Let us be the ones to restore your smile to its former glory.

Is Dental Implant Surgery for Me?

Have you been living with a missing or damaged tooth for quite some time? Are you unsure whether you're a worthy candidate for dental implants because of health reasons or issues related to anxiety? If so, we invite you to contact us for a consultation. We can help you take the next step toward improved oral and overall health.

Dental Implants Are for Everyone

Many people think that dental implants are only for select members of the population. They imagine the elderly receiving dental implants, or those who put a high premium on physical appearances. The truth is, even a young individual with a single missing or damaged tooth stands to benefit immensely from a dental implant. People with damaged or decaying teeth run the risk of developing gum infections or weakening their jawbone-which is just one of the many reasons that everyone can benefit from a full set of healthy teeth.

Have you been living with a missing tooth for quite some time? Despite what you may think, you deserve a chance to restore your smile. Your overall health will thank you for taking this small step forward, as well.

Many of our patients visit us after not having visited an oral surgeon or dentist in years-some even decades. They're unsure if they're an ideal candidate for dental implants because of the state of their teeth and gums. Others, meanwhile, don't know if their missing tooth needs to be replaced.

The truth is, there are many reasons one might want-or often need-to replace a tooth. We believe that any reason is valid, whether it be cosmetic or health-related. Often all these reasons are so intertwined, much like how one's self-esteem and happiness can impact their overall health.

Even if a missing tooth has yet to cause you trouble, most professionals will advise patients to consider implant surgery. Without a healthy implant in place, your jaw bone is likely to weaken over time, leading to complications later in life. As for unhealthy teeth that have yet to be extracted, gum recession, gum disease, and further infections could arise.

Are you still unsure whether dental implant surgery is the right option for you? Contact us today. We'll answer any questions you might have.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implant Surgery

Do you find yourself always smiling with your mouth closed? Do you hesitate to smile in public? You are not alone. We meet with countless patients who feel they've lost the ability to smile and chew their food without issue. Once you contact our offices, we can get to work on redesigning your smile to perfection. With our state-of-the-art software, we can plan your entire dental implant surgery from start to finish prior to even sitting you in the dentist's chair.

No person's smile should be a source of shame or embarrassment. For many people, though, those are the only feelings their smile brings. They worry that people think they're careless and unclean because their teeth aren't perfect, or they worry that those missing teeth make them look unattractive.

If you want to reclaim your smile, we welcome you to contact us. We are capable of giving you back your smile. Our tooth replacement procedures don't leave you with artificial or ill-fitting teeth. Rather, they leave you with natural-looking, healthy, and long-lasting teeth. People won't notice your crowns-instead they'll simply notice how wonderful your smile has become. Your new implant will last you a lifetime, so long as you do your part to look after it. To set you on the right path, we will provide you with much information on proper at-home oral care. Your new tooth will look wonderful, and so will the rest of your teeth, too.

There are many reasons why you might want to contact our facilities. At the end of the day, any reason is valid. Whether your concerns are cosmetic or rooted in concerns for your health, we welcome you to contact us. Even minor dental issues that impact self-confidence should be taken seriously. With our help, you'll be able to smile freely again. You'll be able to laugh at jokes without worrying what your teeth look like or sneeze without worrying that your teeth will fly across the room.

How Much Does a Tooth Implant Cost?

Our patients come to us with many concerns. They're worried about the state of their teeth, their overall health, and the costs associated with extensive oral surgery.

At the facilities of Dr. Caudry, we're in the business of dispelling worries and doing away with our patient's concerns-even when it comes to costs.

Do you find yourself as worried about the cost of oral surgery more than any other aspect of the process? We are here to dispel your worries. We price our services according to the standards of our industry. Our by-the-book pricing model ensures there are no surprises or unanticipated bills for those we serve.

There are many things that might keep a person from visiting a periodontist, or even a dentist. When you visit our facilities, we immediately put all those reservations and worries to rest. From the surgical procedures to the cost of an implant, we tailor every aspect of our service with you in mind.

Are you worried about the cost of oral surgery? Instead of wasting time worrying, why not schedule a consultation with us? You don't even need a referral! What's more, the scheduling process could not be any more simple.

The cost of periodontal treatment varies from patient to patient. We are, however, capable of providing you with an estimate during your first consultation. And don't worry, we don't just come up with estimates on the spot. We rely on the Ontario Dental Association's fee guide to determine costs.

Extensive Oral Surgery: Replacing Several or All of Your Teeth

There are many reasons why one might want dental implants. You might have lost a tooth in an unfortunate accident, or gum disease and decay have resulted in the gradual loss of multiple teeth. Whatever the case, we can help you.

Some of our patients have endured extreme oral trauma, while others have more minor concerns. No matter the case, we're able to tend to our patients. Whether you require one or multiple dental implants, we'll be able to help you.

Often when one tooth suffers from neglect-or a sudden mishap-other teeth suffer too. Thankfully, we are more than capable of replacing multiple teeth. What's more, we can complete this procedure in fewer sessions than ever thought possible.

When you need several or all of your teeth replaced, we will either replace each individual tooth with an implant or replace many at once with a fixed bridge. Assessing which approach is best suited for you will be discussed during your first visit with us.

After we have determined the right course of action, we will carry out the necessary preparatory steps. If you require multiple extractions, we'll schedule your initial appointment at a time that is most convenient for you. After succeeding in extracting your damaged teeth, we will begin the implanting planning process. With the help of our digital workflows, this process is as streamlined as it can be. We'll map out every stage of the implant process before we even get you in the dentist's chair.

Making Multiple Surgeries Simple

At our facilities, we are interested in streamlining the surgical processes. We do so for the benefit of the patient. The more efficient we are, the more pleasant your time with us will be. Rest assured, with us, extensive or multiple surgeries will be as manageable as can be.

It doesn't matter whether you come to us for a single dental implant or multiple implants. Thanks to the wonders of anesthesia and sedation, we're able to make either procedure as comfortable as possible.

Sedation allows us to perform multiple surgeries in one sitting without compromising the comfort of the patient in the slightest. Depending on the nature of the surgical procedures, you will either be in a deeply calm state or unconscious.

There are many benefits to this approach. By performing multiple procedures at one time, we don't have to ask patients to book additional time off work for the surgeries or the post-operative healing stages. You will not have to commute more than necessary, seek the services of a babysitter, or set aside any more time than necessary.

If you require extensive periodontal work, don't hesitate to inquire about options such as these. We offer the option of sedation and gentle anesthesia for the benefit of the patients.

We'll Teach You the Importance of Post-Operative Dental Hygiene

Some people call us miracle workers. We are happy to receive the compliment, but we cannot take all the credit. After completing your implant procedure, it is up to you to preserve the health of your teeth and gums. While this might seem like a tall order, it really isn't all that difficult. We can teach you all the ways to care for your new dental implant and your gums so they remain healthy for years to come.

Are you unsure how long you should wait to floss after your new crown has been installed? Are you uncertain as to which foods you should avoid?

Don't worry, we won't rush you out of our doors so quickly. Once your implant procedure has been completed, we will instruct you on how to properly care for your teeth in the immediate and long-term future. We also offer a specialized hygiene program specifically designed to look after you and your new dental implants. Through us, you can access any number of hygienic treatments, some of which include:

Deep Scaling

Scaling goes deeper than any other cleaning method. While standard methods clean the surface of the tooth, deep scaling, like the name suggests, goes much deeper. For patients who live with periodontitis (gum disease) or are at risk of developing it, deep scaling comes highly recommended. This treatment addresses all the plaque and harmful bacteria that hides under the gums. If you live with gum disease, we recommend you request our deep scaling treatment once every three months.

Antibacterial Treatment for Implants

Every person should always take care of their teeth, make no mistake. If you have dental implants, however, you are going to have to take extra care of your teeth. Through antibacterial irrigation, we can aid the health and longevity of your dental implants.


We recommend regular fluoride treatments to anyone interested in maintaining optimal oral health. Fluoride treatments make your teeth more immune to unwanted plaque buildup. With our treatments, you won't have to worry about decay, increased sensitivity, or weakened roots. These simplistic treatments demand little time and energy and can make all the difference.

Vigilant Monitoring

Only through careful monitoring of your pre-existing conditions or your new dental implants can we ensure optimal health and longevity. When you visit us, we'll thoroughly investigate your teeth, gums, and implants for signs of reactive disease or troublesome plaque. We'll also provide you with all the instructions needed to tend to your teeth at home.

Award-Winning Periodontists and Highly-Trained Staff

Over the years, Dr. Caudry has presented her innovative research at conferences around the world and received much recognition for her contributions to the field. Despite these professional accolades, Dr. Caudry and her team always insist on prioritizing the needs of the patient. This patient-centered approach ensures that everyone who steps through our door receives the best care possible.

For a periodontist that provides quality service with peace of mind, contact us today at (416) 928-3444.

COVID-19 Safety Measures:

The health of our patients is our top priority. That being said, we have gone above and beyond the recommended guidelines to ensure the safety of all our patients as well as team members.

With everyone’s wellbeing in mind, here are some of the COVID-19 safety measures we have put into place:

The reason we have set the bar so high is simply for your protection. We have built a welcoming and safe environment to ensure you feel comfortable while visiting our office.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this time.

We look forward to seeing you.