Dental implant surgery has come a long way over the years. If you haven't visited an oral surgeon in quite some time, you might be wondering about the leaps and bounds made by oral health professionals in their field. Well, we are here to fill you in on the latest innovations in Dr. Suzanne Caudry's facilities and countless others just like it.

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Dental Implants Done Right

The worlds of periodontics and dentistry are changing every day. It can be hard for some professionals to keep up with these changes and innovations, but not us. At the facilities of Dr. Caudry, we go to great lengths to embrace the most cutting-edge and patient-centered innovations that come our way.

We carry out our duties at the forefront of our industry. As the years go by, we will continue to refine our practices, educate emerging oral surgeons, and more. When it comes to dental implants, our computer-guided approach to the surgical processes has made a world of positive difference for professionals and patients alike.

Specializing in Computer Guided Surgery

By embracing digital workflows, we are able to ensure the success of implant procedures to the fullest. Intraoral scanners and imaging software allow us to plan out every aspect of the dental implant surgery after your initial preparation session. We'll even be able to walk you through the entire implant placement process before you undergo the surgery.

Our digital dental implant process consists of three key stages. The first stage sees us scanning your teeth, gums, and jaw with intraoral scanners and a state-of-the-art CBCT scanner. After retrieving legible scans, we merge the images together. By combining the two images, we are able to create an incredibly vivid portrait of your mouth. This composite image acts as a surgical guide for our team.

We move forward with the computer-guided surgical process after conducting all the necessary preliminary work. We rely on digital workflows and years of unrivaled professional experience to give you the results we promised. We don't think any patient should ever settle for anything less than the absolute best.

Reap the Benefits of Dental Sedation

We take an efficient approach to dental implant surgery, but there are still complicated procedures that might take several hours. For those who are receiving new dental bridges or multiple implants, we might recommend one of our sedation options.

Dental sedation spares you from the boredom or anxiety that sometimes arises during lengthy dental surgeries. Depending on your anxiety levels and the surgery itself, our trained, on-site anesthesiologists will gladly administer sedatives as needed. From mild sedation options to complete ‘twilight' sedation, we offer a host of options for our patients.

Prioritizing Patient Comfort

Computer-guided surgical methods don't just make our jobs easier. More important than that, these state-of-the-art approaches to oral surgery ensure extra comfort for the patient in the dentist's chair.

Less Time in the Dentist's Chair

When we think of dental implant planning and the surgical processes, we can't help but think of all the time we might have to spend in the dentist's chair. In the past, you might have had to sit for hours and hours while your periodontist examined your teeth, took dental impressions, performed oral surgery, and more. While there is no way to avoid some time-intensive procedures, our computer-guided approach to surgery dramatically reduces the time it takes to give you the smile you've always wanted.

Added Comfort: Patient-Focused Care

Our approach to dental implant surgery doesn't just save you time. Our approach also adds comfort. Here, we only embrace procedures and new technologies that elevate the overall comfort of the patient. Our patient-focused approach to periodontics makes all the difference.

Embracing Digital Dental Impressions

Oral surgeons often need to take dental impressions of a patient's teeth during the planning stages of their implant procedures. We rely on these dental impressions to give us an accurate representation of the mouth and teeth. They help in the fabrication of dental bridges and dental implants. Unfortunately, the traditional taking of dental impressions is quite messy—and uncomfortable, too.

You remember the dental impression process from childhood. Dentists would insert a bite plate into your mouth after covering it with a thick putty. You'd be left with a strange taste in your mouth after enduring several minutes of discomfort. Thankfully, professionals like Dr. Caudry have done away with this primitive process.

Say goodbye to traditional dental impression process and say hello to digital dental impressions. Using painless and mess-free technologies, we can take an accurate representation of your teeth in little time at all. We'll be able to use these digital impressions to plot your entire dental implant journey. Gone are the days of the messy sessions in the dentist's chair.

Digital Dentistry: Greater Accuracy

Our digital approach to dental impressions promises greater accuracy, but we have more than the dental impression process to thank for our picture-perfect results. Every aspect of the digital dental implant planning process ensures an increase in accuracy. We design implants to perfection, place them without issue, and everything in between.

Digital smile design is the way of the future. We think you should get the smile you've always wanted without the unnecessary discomfort or wasted time.

Learn More About Dental Implants Now

As you can see, dental implant surgery has come a long way. We have made leaps and bounds in our field in as little time as twenty—or even ten—years. As time goes by, only the most dedicated professionals will continue to keep up with the coming innovations. Believe us when we say we'll remain at the forefront of our field.

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