The patient experience does not begin when you first sit down in the dentist’s chair or receive your first intra-oral digital scan. It begins at the very first point of contact with us. It begins when you walk through our doors and see our front desk administrator, or the very first time you dial our number.

At the offices of Dr. Suzanne Caudry, we make sure our patients are looked after––from the moment you enter our facilities to the moment you leave. That means making sure every person on our team is capable of addressing any one of our client’s questions and concerns at any moment.

Dr. Suzanne Caudry’s Dream Team

If you take a look at our reviews on RateMD, you will notice a few things right off the bat: The first bit of information you’ll notice is that we come highly recommended, to say the least. We have a 5-star average rating based on 300+ reviews, making us one of the foremost Periodontists in the Toronto area.

The second thing you’ll notice is the praise our staff has received. In many of the reviews, our satisfied clients commented on how Dr. Caudry’s team made them feel at ease, answered their many questions, and helped them navigate the complexities of their insurance claims. 

While much of that is to the credit of Dr. Suzanne Caudry, PhD, DDS, MSc, things could not run smoothly without her “Dream Team” staff.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Without the help of staff to process insurance claims, schedule and cancel appointments, or supervise other staff members, Dr. Caudry would be pulled in far too many directions. Instead of performing digital implant procedures, she’d be answering phones and dealing with accounts payable!

Nothing great is ever accomplished by one individual alone. This goes for surgical procedures as much as it does for the development of any large-scale project. For professionals to do their work, there needs to be a dedicated administrative staff handling the front-of-house duties, and there needs to be someone who is compassionate and attentive at the side of both Dr. Caudry and every patient who steps through our doors.

It requires extensive training and an in-depth knowledge of exactly what it is that Dr. Caudry does, to ensure that everyone from administrative staff and assistants can address every patient’s concern. When staff have an intimate knowledge of hygienic practices, after-care for oral surgeries, and experience with the sedation process, they’re able to tackle some of the most common questions patients have!

The Importance of Educating Our Staff

After receiving training for their roles, our staff aren’t only informed of their roles and responsibilities—they’re also informed of the roles and responsibilities of their colleagues and Dr. Caudry herself. This enables them to answer your questions more thoroughly and troubleshoot common quandaries with ease.

Honest and Accurate Answers Can Keep Patients at Ease

If you were to browse through our practice’s many online reviews, you’ll notice several patients mention feeling anxious for their first-time visits. They discuss feeling nervous about imminent procedures, the types of sedation provided to them, and concerns regarding their insurance coverage.

These feelings are common among almost every first-time (or frequent) patient of any facility. Many people are wary of even a simple check-up with their local dentist, either because of hair-raising childhood experiences or an uneasiness with the sterile environment of a dental facility. Others maybe have avoided visiting a dentist or periodontist for so long that they’ve forgotten it can be a stress-free and accommodating experience.

Some facilities and practices do little to quell these anxieties. When you’re under the care of Dr. Caudry and her dedicated team, however, we make sure our patients are at ease the moment they walk through the door.

If you are awaiting dental implant surgery, our staff will gladly inform you of every step of the procedure. From the freezing process to the suturing of the soft tissues, we will walk you through the process step-by-step. By the time you’re ready to sit with Dr. Caudry, you’ll be more than ready. 

Dr. Caudry: Skilled Clinician and Educator

The breadth of our staff’s knowledge is credited entirely to Dr. Caudry’s unending desire to teach the world about periodontics. In tandem with Dr. Caudry’s private practice is her active role in education. She runs regular Study Clubs for many dentists, in the Greater Toronto Area, interested in broadening their knowledge of periodontics and implant technology.

With a training and education background, Dr. Caudry has ventured to Australia, Montreal, and Toronto for her PhD in Microbiology, Doctor of Dental Surgery, and MSc. Respectively, she continues to lecture internationally, and is actively involved in ongoing dental research.

She also teaches implant surgery, bone reconstruction, and cosmetic periodontal surgery to graduate periodontal students at the University of Toronto. And this says nothing of The Caudry Education Centre, the state-of-the-art facility where live surgeries can be viewed both on-site and off-site.

We Train Our Administrators

In addition to training and providing continuing education to students and professional peers alike, we also train our office administrators.

This isn’t to say that our office administrators come into their careers without extensive administrative experience, many qualifications, and formal training. As qualified as our team members might be, we want to make sure they’re capable of addressing every one of our patient’s needs without complication or confusion.

That’s why we have recently introduced a 2-week program for front-desk administrators. This comprehensive program covers the many skills necessary for being a first-rate administrator in the world of periodontics.

Does a program like this benefit our front-desk administrators? Most definitely. Who does it benefit the most, though? You—the patient.

The Perfect Patient Experience

Our patients are referred to us because Dr. Caudry is one of Toronto’s leading periodontists. When they visit Dr. Caudry’s practice, they’re cared for by an entire team of individuals, not just one person.