Herbal medications are very popular. According to North American surveys 30-40% of the population report using herbal medications or similar alternative treatments.


Why does my dentist care about herbal medications?

Herbal medications can put you at risk because they interact with important medications we use in dentistry.  
  • Acacia – can decrease the absorption of Amoxicillin, and therefore alter the effectiveness of this antibiotic
  • John’s Wort & Valerian – can increase the effects medications such as Codeine, benzodiazepines (Lorazepam), or sedative agents used in our office during sleep dentistry.
  Other medications alter normal functions in your body:
  • Ginkgo, ginseng, green tea, garlic (starting with the letter ‘G’) – these all affect your body’s ability to stop bleeding. This is very important in surgery and relevant to your body’s ability to heal.
  For these reason we may recommend you stop taking some of your herbal medications prior to treatment to prevent possible complications.  
“Drug interactions with herbal medications can put you at risk”  “Report any medications, including herbal medications, to your dentist.”